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Short Courses Training on Food and Nutrition Security in 2011 in Wageningen

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The Centre for Development Innovation, part of Wageningen University and Research Centre will organize the following short (2-3 weeks) courses under the International Training Programme on Food and Nutrition Security.
I- 10 - 21 January 2011 (2 weeks): Rights based approach to food and nutrition security. This course focuses on the different aspects of a right to food approach. The training addresses the following topics:


  • different concepts used in the right to food approach
  • lobby and advocacy
  • how to develop an intervention using the right to food approach to address food and nutrition insecurity.

II- 11 - 29 April 2011 (3 weeks): HIV/AIDS and food and nutrition security. This course focuses on the two-way relationship between HIV/AIDS and food and nutrition security. The training addresses the following topics:

  • the medical aspects of HIV/AIDS and their relation to nutrition (ARVs plus food; importance of an adequate nutritional status...)
  • the interrelation between livelihood/food security and (the risk of) HIV/AIDS
  • nutrition promotion, education and advocacy
  • how to develop or improve an existing intervention to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS

III- 6-24 June 2011 (3 weeks): Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of food and nutrition security programmes.This course focuses on the design of information support systems at various levels (from national to household level) for monitoring and evaluating the impacts of food and nutrition security policies and programmes. The training addresses the following topics:

  • what entails an M&E system for food and nutrition security and in particular what is needed to do an impact assessment
  • impact assessment in programme design and learning for impact
  • participatory approaches in assessing impact
  • use of different data for M&E
  • interpretation and communicating of results of M&E.

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Financial support for this course is available from the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP). The deadline for application for this fellowship at CDI is 1 September 2010 and the deadline for the ensuing application at the Royal Netherlands Embassy is 1 October 2010. The deadline for application at CDI with funding other than an NFP fellowship is 10 Dec, 11 March and 6 May, respectively).

The NFP scholarship covers the following costs:

  • Tuition fees
  • Travel costs
  • Full-board accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Allowance for personal expenses
  • NFP fellowships are available for candidates from around 60 countries. Please consult the NFP country list at the website mentioned below.

More information on:

  • Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (see fellowships for short courses and NFP country list)
  • Overview of CDI short courses in 2011 on institutional learning and innovation in the fields of land and water management, biodiversity, climate change adaptation, adaptive agriculture, value chain and food safety...
  • Application procedures Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) for candidates with NFP funding or for candidates from non NFP countries and/or with funding other than NFP


For detail information please contact:

Fannie de Boer MPH; MHE
Senior Nutritionist/Course Director
Centre for Development Innovation
Wageningen UR
P.O. Box 88, 6700 AB Wageningen, The Netherlands
(As from October 2009, Wageningen International - CD&IC Programme is part of the new Centre for Development Innovation within the Social Sciences Group of Wageningen UR - read more)
Tel. +31 (0)317 481404 (direct), +31 (0)317 486800 (reception)
Optional: Fax +31 (0)317 486801
e-mail (From 1/1/2010

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Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen UR

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Fannie de Boer MPH; MHE

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