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World Malaria Day 2010 on 25 April 2010

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Cambodia has been celebrating the Cambodia Malaria Day annually since 2001 on 25 April, in order to provide education and understanding of malaria as a global scourge that is preventable and curable. Thousands of health staff, officials, local NGOs, villagers and students participated in a wide range of activities held to mark Malaria Day. It was also an awareness raising event.The National Malaria Center (CNM) have selected 10 slogans for propagation on the day: (1) Pregnant women and children are the easy victims- Use LLINs/ ITNs to prevent malaria (2) Mobile people are easy victims of severe malaria- Seek EDAT ASAP (3) Hurry to bring your nets to have them dipped in insecticide whenever health staff come to you (4) Please stop using malaria mono-theraphy (5) Use malaria medicine properly and regularly (6) Fake malaria medicine can kill you (7) Hurry to treat malaria at HC, HP and with VMWs 8) Be aware of female mosquito and always sleep under a net to protect against malaria (9) Continue to control malaria nationwide (10) Do not buy improper malaria medicine from unlicensed drug stores.


Inspired by the RBM global slogan: “counting malaria out”, the campaign day was organized in 20 provinces in Cambodia with its overall goal of reducing the malaria burden to comply with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

There are between 350 million and 500 million people infected with this scourge in the globe, and 1 million die from the disease annually. Malaria is deadly, but there are ways to treat it and tools to prevent it. It can be prevented by just using insecticide treated Nets (ITNs) which have been shown to reduce malaria deaths remarkably. With extensive health education, it is not too late to prevent malaria. Though the challenge to make a significant impact in endemic countries is daunting, all efforts from partners and governments need to be galvanized on the World Malaria Day.

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