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Stakeholder Analysis For The MRC Basin Development Plan Programme PHASE 2 (BDP2)

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The MRC began developing its approach to stakeholder participation in the late 1990s, shortly after the signing of the 1995 Agreement. In 1998 the MRC produced the booklet, Public Participation in the Lower Mekong Basin, but implementation of public participation in the MRC has been stalled until the new initiatives under the Basin Development Plan began in 2008.
This report is a supplement to the Stakeholder Participation and Communication Plan (SPCP) that has been in preparation since early 2008, and is now being finalized (as of March 2009).(FYI – This report is a living document which subjected to be updated annually.)


The objectives of this assessment were refined to better understand existing participation mechanisms and prioritize key stakeholders for BDP process, with the following key tasks:

  • Review policy and institutional context for IWRM in the four countries to assess opportunities for stakeholder participation;
  • Compile an inventory and institutional appraisal of key and influential civil society stakeholders;
  • Prepare recommendations on how BDP can strengthen stakeholder participation in each of the countries.

Pease see further information in the attached report.

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MRC BDP team

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Suparerk Janprasart

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