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Provincial Food Security and Nutrition Forum

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The Lutheran World Federation Cambodia Program (LWF-C) with good collaboration with the District Board Governor, District Council of Phnom Krovanh district and the ExCom, PRDC of Pursat province plan to organize two Food Security and Nutrition Forum.


1st forum will be held on 25 Feb 2010 , the venue is the meeting hall of government district office of Phnom Krovanh district, Pursat province. This workshop will invite total 70 people to participate (District Board Governor members, District Council Members, Communes council members, concern departments in the districts, communities’ representatives, NGOs members and LWF-staff.

2nd Forum will be held on 24 March 2010, in the Venue of Century Hotel in the provincial town of Pursat. With 120 people will be invited (ExCom,PRDC representative, Provincial Council representative, Representative of concerns Departments in the province, All district Governors, All Commune Councilors, NGOs representative in the provinces, and LWF staffs.

Objective of the forum:

  1. To improve the knowledge of participants on the concept of food security and nutrition as well as understanding to the strategic framework for Food Security and Nutrition in Cambodia 2008-2012
  2. To define the current challenges of the rural communities in the whole distinct and provincial related food security and Nutrition and seek for recommendation/or appropriated solutions to responses.
  3. To critical thinking establishment of Food Security and Nutrition Network(FSNN)for the communes, district and provincial levels to be more systematic shares and responses FSN challenges.

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The Lutheran World Federation Cambodia Program (LWF-C)

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Mr. Noun Borin

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