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The 2008 Cambodia Anthropometrics Survey (CAS) Report

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The 2008 Cambodia Anthropometrics Survey (CAS) is a nationally representative sample of 7,495 households with children 0 to 59 months of age. The survey includes representative samples of nineteen survey domains, or areas, throughout the country. The 2008 CAS includes valid anthropometric measurements of over seven thousand children, making it the largest national sample of child measurements ever collected in the country.The main purpose of the survey is to provide policymakers and planners with updated information on nutrition in light of steep increases in the price of food. In order to provide a comprehensive view on nutrition in the country data on anthropometry, micronutrient deficiency, food consumption, disease, coping strategies, infant/young child feeding, and health services were included in the survey. In addition the national survey, 400 households in the informal settlements of Phnom Penh were sampled using the same methodology and questionnaire.

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Ministry of Planning

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