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Food Security and Nutrition Information System Promotion Campaign

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The Food Security and Nutrition Information System (FSNIS), a web-based information system (also available on CD-ROM), is based and managed by the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD), and was established in 2003 with technical and financial assistance from the former GTZ-funded "Food security and Nutrition policy support project" (FSNPSP). Currently, the FSNIS is assisted by FAO under the EC/FAO Food Security "Information for Action" Programme and World Food Programme (WFP), and United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF).


The FSNIS, which is updated on a daily basis by the FSNIS team of five staff members of CARD, has served as a platform accessible to all kinds of food security and nutrition (FSN)-related information and to support the policy-making process as well as the coordination of FSN activities in Cambodia. It has also become an effective instrument to share information/knowledge and to promote networking among FSN stakeholders in Cambodia. According to the FSNIS user surveys in 2005 and 2007, it is largely used by government institutions, donor agencies and NGOs. It also serves as a "web entry-portal" for the cross cutting issue of FSN by hosting other related websites in Cambodia, thus minimizing costs and duplication of efforts.

To further promote the use of the FSNIS, the Website team is conducting the presentation on Food Security and Nutrition Information System (FSNIS) in the Royal University of Agriculture on 19th May 2009 and University of Health Science on 21st May 2009 in order to (i) Promote the use and usefulness of Food Security and Nutrition Information System, (ii) Mainstream Food Security and Nutrition, cross cutting issues, to public audience, and (iii) disseminate information of this knowledge and information management on the issue of food security and nutrition.

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