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Press Release: Launch of the National Vitamin A Communication Strategy 2008 - 2010

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The purpose of the national communication strategy is to ensure that new standard key messages and communication materials/media are used nationwide to increase the demand for vitamin A supplementation for children 6-59 months and post partum women. The communication strategy aims to create excitement and renew interest about vitamin A, and most importantly to increase awareness of the importance of vitamin A for children’s health. The key communication message is that ‘Vitamin A Saves Children’s Lives’ .


During the launch the National Nutrition Program will provide information about the new communication strategy for Vitamin A (2008 – 2010) and launch the new communication concept and materials including the new TV cartoon spot featuring ‘Super Hero Vitamin A’. DJ Sedey will sing a newly composed rap song about vitamin A and artists from Sovannaphum will welcome guests and mime the actions of Super Hero Vitamin A.

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National Nutrition Programme,NMCHC

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Dr. Ou Kevanna

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