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National Technical Consultation On HIV AND Infant Feeding

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National Maternal Child Health Center of Ministry of Health with the support from UNICEF and US-CDC organized the National Technical Consultation and Young Child Feeding in the context of Prevention Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV on 11th-12th June 2008 at Himawari Hotel, Phnom Penh.The purpose and specific objectives of the consultation:


  • Identify mechanisms for reaching consensus on the national approach to infant feeding options and support strategies for women living with HIV.
  • Define way forward with scaling-up infant feeding support in Cambodia to achieve optimal HIV-free child survival.

Specific objectives of the consultation:

  • Update participants on current international evidence and experience related to infant feeding
  • Review existing global and national guidance on HIV and infant feeding
  • Provide opportunity for presentation and review of any evidence from Cambodia
  • Provide opportunity for agencies providing infant feeding support in rural areas to report on their unique challenges
  • Assess progress in implementation of actions outlined in the "HIV and Infant feeding: Framework for Priority Action"
  • Set up National targets for infant feeding in the PMTCT National Strategic Plan.
  • Establish mechanism for more systematic evaluation of impact of Infant Feeding practices through routine data collection, analysis, and management;
  • Identify mechanisms for providing comprehensive support on infant and young child (0 to 2 years) feeding to HIV-infected women during the antenatal, delivery and after delivery periods, including a better definition of AFASS in Cambodia;
  • Discuss a model for follow-up of HIV positive mothers at district level (not only for infant feeding, but for other maternal and child health issues as well)
  • Propose any needed modifications to existing national guidelines
  • Discuss mechanism for registering and certifying NGOs and other agencies that are providing formula that assures their adherence to Cambodia’s AFASS guidelines
  • Draw some key recommendations and concrete steps to scale up infant feeding support in Cambodia

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National Maternal and Child Health Centre(NMCHC)

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Dr. Vong Sathiarany

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