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The High Level Conference on Climate Change, Energy and Food Was Conducted From 3-5 June in FAO's Headquarters in ROM

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After a series of expert preparatory meetings, the High Level Conference on Climate Change, Energy and Food was conducted from 3-5 June in FAO's Headquarters in ROM. The conference focused on, soaring food prices the impact of climate change and expanding biofuels markets on food security worldwide with the goal is to help countries and the international community to find sustainable solutions by developing policies, strategies and programmes needed to safeguard world food security. Many Heads of State and Governments attended the meeting transforming this High-Level Conference into a true Summit on world food security.


World wide soaring staple food prices pose a new key challenge to achieving global food security by restricting access to sufficient and adequate food. Specifically the price of rice has jumped to unprecedented level and doubled over a few months. The rise of food prices is due to several factors among them, increased energy costs leading to higher agricultural input costs, effects of climate change on food supply, increased bio-fuel production, rising global food demand based on population growth and change of eating habits in emerging economies, low global food stocks and crop failures in some key producer countries as well as speculation on food commodity markets. Rising food prices offers opportunities for food export countries and net food producing farmers but have negative effects on urban and rural net food buyers leading to increased poverty and malnutrition, specifically in countries were a high percentage of income is spent on food.

Cambodia took part in the meeting with a delegation headed by H.E. Dr. Chan Sarun, Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. In his statement he pointed out that Cambodia succeeded to increase food availability through crop intensification and diversification and the promotion of family livestock rising and aquaculture. With a paddy rice production exceeding domestic consumption of 2,57 million tons the country is producing sufficient rice at the national level but there is a concern with regard to the effects of soaring food prices on household food security. Short term measures were implemented by the RGC to increase strategic rice stocks and a number of measures to respond further to the situation are being implemented (food security and food supply safety nets, increase accessibility of farmers to agricultural inputs and credit, enhanced investment in food production, agriculture research and extension) entire statement

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