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Food Security and Nutrition Forum 55th

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Member of the Food Security Forum,
I am pleased to inform you that the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) has been organizing a regular Food Security Forum to allow stakeholders to openly discuss and exchange experiences, lessons learned and best practices on the topics related to food security and nutrition. So far, since 2003, 54 sessions of Food Security Forum had been organized.
Now, we are going to organize the 55th Food Security Forum on 26th January 2016, at 9.00a.m, at the Office of the Council of Ministers, Meeting Room A (Ground Floor). The proposed agenda of the forum is below:
1.      Opening the meeting and self-introduction
2.      Presentation on Technical Assistance to Cambodia through analysis of the determinants of malnutrition in Cambodia by Ms. Francesca ERDELMANN, WFP Deputy Country Director
3.      Presentation on NOURISH  Conditional Cash Transfer and integrated approach to stunting reduction by Ms. Sacci Inna, Chief of Party, NOURISH Project,  Save the Children
4.      Progress of the formulation of Zero Hunger Action Plan by Dr. Brett M. Ballard, FAO Consultant
5.      Preparation of 2016 JMIs on Food Security and Nutrition sector by USAID
6.      Other Business (including agenda for next TWG – SP &FSN  meeting)
In light of the above, we have great pleasure and honour to invite you and/or your technical staff(s) to the aforesaid forum, and we would be most grateful if you could confirm your participation by emailing to Mr. Sou Chankresna via an email: or calling at 012 88 01 02. Please see an official invitation in attachment.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Forum.
Best regards,

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