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Title of Project “Dolphins for Development”: CRDT Livelihood activities in support of Mekong Conservation
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Project Description

CRDT has been implementing the ‘Dolphins for Development Sustainable Livelihoods’ project since 2004 in collaboration with the WWF Living Mekong Program. The project has been working throughout the region{comma} raising awareness of current conservation issues and endeavors to protect the vast biodiversity in the Mekong River{comma} particularly the critically endangered Mekong Irrawaddy dolphin. All CRDT’s project sites in Kratie and Stung Treng have been selected on the basis of WWF priorities. CRDT and WWF Cambodia currently have a “Cooperation Agreement” which allows our organizations to share information{comma} consult directly with each other on conservation issues{comma} as well as coordinate and streamline our project activities. Since middle 2010{comma} the partnership between CRDT and WWF has been further cemented due to the funding to support indigenous communities within the threatened biodiversity sites of the central section of the Mekong. This partnership has been funded by CEPF (Critical Eco-system Partnership Fund) for a three year project which also funded by other donors is related this project such as: UNDP/GEF{comma} WAP{comma} EEP{comma} IPADE.


CRDT’s close cooperation with all partners development above through activities which ensure sustainable livelihoods and increased food security{comma} income generation and living standards{comma} whilst simultaneously complimenting partner's developer proposed species and habitat protection activities especially dolphin habitats in the same target areas by increasing awareness and education within these communities and providing alternative livelihoods.

The objectives are:

- Improved food security - in terms of quality{comma} quantity and diversity{comma} through improved agriculture{comma} aquaculture and small livestock training and supply.


- Provision of income generation opportunities - through surplus production of vegetables{comma} fish and

livestock{comma} and “Community Based Eco-tourism” (CBET) activities.


- Strengthen community support structures (Community Based Organizations) that will build communities’ capacity to not only effectively engage in sustainable livelihood activities but also manage{comma} maintain and/or expand activities independently.


The activities such as:


- Community Meetings/Workshops

- Livelihood Technical Trainings: Each CBO is centred on an alternative livelihood activity. In Kratie and Stung Treng{comma} the CBOs support small husbandry (chickens{comma} ducks{comma} pigs){comma} aquaculture (fish raising){comma} vegetable and mushroom production{comma} rice intensification system{comma} Non-Timber Forest Products{comma} and Ecotourism. Each existing CBO has received intensive training and technical support on the activity they have selected{comma} and this project is to bolster this by providing further livelihood trainings to the groups that require it{comma} as well as provide initial trainings for the new CBOs.

  • Small Grants for CBOs
  • Conservation Education
  • CBO Study Tour
  • CBO Strengthening Activities
  • Market Linkage
  • Saving Group Components
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Collaborating Organisations and Institutions ACR Caritas Australia
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Funding Needs Description

We need fund for support these activities above. Because, their needed from rural communities. We propose for community’s development (quality of life) to support natural resources conservation.


Total fund we need in 2012 is amount: 591,368.00 USD

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Project Start/End Dates 2009-12-31 2012-12-31
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Province Districts Communes
Level of Intervention Agriculture Depatement, Enviromental Departetmeent
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