Project Summary

Title of Project Project for Community-based Health Promotion for Child in Svay Antor Operational District
Project ID in FSNIS Database 30
Project Number
Project Description

The project aims toestablisha community-based health promotion program for children under 5 years oldin order to improve their health conditions.

The project activities include: strengtheningthe Integrated Growth Monitoring Service;promoting appropriate childcare at home (esp. Infant and Young Child Feeding) through health education and other activities byVillage Health Supporting Groupand Mother Support Group; and the establishment of a support system for malnourished children.

The project incorporates activities in three aspcts of‘prevention’{comma} ‘detectionof problems’{comma} and ‘treatment’{comma} as well asinvolvesthree actors; i.e.{comma} the community{comma} Health Centers and the Operational District office.

Related FSN Categories Not Specified
Main Implementing Agency Not Specified
Collaborating Ministries Health
Collaborating Organisations and Institutions Srer Khmer
Project Funding Status Not Specified
Funding Needs Description
Donors Not Specified
Project Start/End Dates 1970-01-01 1970-01-01
Provinces, Districts and Communes worked in
Province Districts Communes
Ministry of Health Provinces, Operational Districts and Health Centre Catchment Areas worked in
Province Districts Communes
Level of Intervention
Type of Support/Inputs Provided
Target Group(s) 31 Health Center staff, 158 Village Health Supporting Group, approx. 140 Mother Support Group Members in the 5 target Health Cen
Number of Beneficiaries (approximate) Approximately 5,800 children under five years old in the target area
Source Institution for this Project Data Ms. Kyoko Koto, Program Manager
Project Contact Person Ms. Kyoko Koto, Program Manager
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