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Title of Project Integrated Community Development Project
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Integrated Community Development Project


1-       Brief history: Social Development Organization (SDR) was established in July 3{comma} 1993 in Battam Bang province.

SDR was registered to and officially recognized by:

-       Cabinet office of King Norodom Sihanouk (Head of State and SNC) on 7th of August 1993

-       Co-minister in-charge of Council of Ministers on 19th of January 1994

-       Co-minister of interior on 25th of May 2001{comma} and

-       Registered to the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) on 16th of February 2001 as rural credit operation organization


SDR is a Cambodian none-governmental organization{comma} which stands for neutral policy{comma} seeking benefits for neither individual nor political party but collaborating with the royal government{comma} related international and national agencies as well as communities without any discrimination against races{comma} colours{comma} sexes{comma} languages{comma} religions and political trends. The important thing is to contribute to the restoration{comma} building and development of all sectors{comma} especially to the sustainable improvement of economical and social sectors for general Cambodian people and their communities toward reducing poverty.


2- Activities of SDR projects include:

A)    Credit and Saving Project:

This project enable poor farmers at rural community generate potential income for supporting their family economy. Since 1994{comma} SDR has been implementing this project in 8 districts{comma} includingAek Phnom{comma}  Sangkae{comma} Battambang{comma} Thmakol{comma} Bavil{comma} Sampouv Lun{comma} Phnom Preuk and Kamrieng (in the last three districts has started from 2001 till present).


B)    Rice Farming and Rice Bank Project:

This project is to assist rural rice-farmers to develop strategical plan{comma} which enable them to increase and improve their rice products{comma} in both quantity and quality{comma} as well as to have suficient rice seeds and foods for supporting their family economy for the entire rice-farming-cycle.


C)    (Husked) Rice Sale Community Project:

This project eases to the poor farmers in the target areas. Especially{comma} in the wet season{comma} most of the farmers faces shortage of food; thus they need to buy additional husked or unhusked rices until harvesting season coming{comma} usually at a high price. Therefore{comma} during harvesting season{comma} SDR buys the unhusked rice at a cheaper price{comma} and then stock it. In the wet season{comma} when the price of unhusked or husked rice raises up{comma} SDR sells rices to its target groups at a cheaper price than market’s.  


D)    Home Animal Husbandry Project:

This project is to assist poor household women{comma} whom cannot work away from their house{comma} to increase and save their income.

SDR{comma} in collaboration with related provincial departments and NGOs{comma} including Animal Health Unit and CWS{comma} especially with the Battambang Provincial Department of Agriculture{comma} Forestry and Fishery{comma} provides training on quality farming for chicken{comma} duck and pig. The contents include selection of breed{comma} care and treatment{comma} etc.

In 2001{comma} SDR signed Memorandum of Understanding on Agriculture Development Support toSeila(ADESS){comma} Agricultural Improvement Programs (AIP){comma} Production Start-up Program (PSP) with the Battambang Provincial Department of Agriculture{comma} Forestry and Fishery funded by the International Fund Agriculture Development (IFAD). The Provincial Department of Agriculture provides training{comma} and SDR provides loan to farmers.


E)    Home Gardening Project:

This project is to assist poor household women who have a numerous children to know how to arrange and make their unused-land become useful and generating daily income for them. Moreover{comma} they know how to use natural fertilizer (compost) toward reducing the use of chemical fertilizer{comma} maintaining healthy family members by eating chemical-free vegetables{comma} and reducing their daily expense. 


F)    Emergency Relief Project:

This project is to assist miserable households{comma} households who face natural disaster such as flood{comma} drying and fire. It mainly targets on the poor household women who have a numerous children{comma} elderly households and disable households.  

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Collaborating Ministries Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries;Rural Development
Collaborating Organisations and Institutions Social Development In Rural
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Project Start/End Dates 1970-01-01 1970-01-01
Provinces, Districts and Communes worked in
Province Districts Communes
Ministry of Health Provinces, Operational Districts and Health Centre Catchment Areas worked in
Province Districts Communes
Level of Intervention CWS Battambang, AMARA, KWAP and CasmaCik, NGO network in Battambang province (NGO ALIAN and NAND)
Type of Support/Inputs Provided
Target Group(s) - Target groups of the SDR are poor farmers in rural areas, and most of them are the poor household women who have a numerous ch
Number of Beneficiaries (approximate) - Number of beneficiaries of the SDR is 794 households in 8 districts of Battambang province.
Source Institution for this Project Data Mr. Chou Chivorn, Director of SDR -Mrs. Lim Ecklang, Program Manager of SDR
Project Contact Person Mr. Chou Chivorn, Director of SDR -Mrs. Lim Ecklang, Program Manager of SDR
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