Project Summary

Title of Project Home Based Care and Promoting primary healthcare including sanitation and disease prevention.
Project ID in FSNIS Database 37
Project Number GA - 10 -05
Project Description

The principal objectives of  the basic nutrition education program are:

  • Decreasing malnutrition{comma} particularly in PLHIV and OVC’s family and general people.
  • Increasing PLHIV and OVC's knowledge about health and nutrition health during them are being in situation HIV/AIDS or pregnancy.
  • Strengthening community health networks through training and capacity building of nutrition educators and through links with local health centres.
  • increasing knowledge of nutritional issues in the wider community

The activities we propose to include in the Basic Nutrition Education project are as follows:

  • 1-day conducting training for 65 CSVs and 85 SGLs selected{comma} and followed up in every month.
  • Nutrition providing supported by WFP through BFD and educated to target group while they come to receive food and to school and marketer.
  • Nutrition providing supported as welfare for PLHIV and OVC by BFD and educated to target group while the food distribution.
  • Provide small capital for Income Generation Activity for PLHIV and OVC’s family{comma} and provide capacity building as training to PLHIV and OVC family who implementing.
  • Basic nutrition education in groups (including topics such as food groups{comma} complementary feeding{comma} vitamins and micronutrients{comma} breast feeding and nutritional needs of young children{comma} nutrition during pregnancy) This will be introduced as a component for all  vocational and agriculture training courses in a total of 4 provinces.
  • Educational materials displayed in vocational training centres (i.e. posters{comma} leaflets)
  • cooking demonstrations

Model gardens and fish ponds at home{comma} to teach and demonstrate basic agriculture and food security skills{comma} which may also act as local seed supply centres in the future.

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Main Implementing Agency Not Specified
Collaborating Ministries Health, Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Education Youth and Sports
Collaborating Organisations and Institutions Buddhism Development Association and Supporting Environment
Project Funding Status Not Specified
Funding Needs Description
Donors Not Specified
Project Start/End Dates 2002-12-31 2012-12-31
Provinces, Districts and Communes worked in
Province Districts Communes
Ministry of Health Provinces, Operational Districts and Health Centre Catchment Areas worked in
Province Districts Communes
Level of Intervention WFP, KHANA, DGRV, FOA
Type of Support/Inputs Provided

Training of nutrition educators, training materials (Flipcharts, Posters, T-shirts, carry bags, books, pens)

Target Group(s) People living with HIV/AIDS, and Orphanage Vulnerable Children and their family.
Number of Beneficiaries (approximate) Around 1007 farmers.
Source Institution for this Project Data Prak Chear
Project Contact Person Prak Chear
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