Project Summary

Title of Project Children’s Health Improvement through Livelihood Development (CHILD) project
Project ID in FSNIS Database 38
Project Number N/A
Project Description

This project aims to enhance a supportive community environment for rural children < 6 in Kompong Thom Province. The specific objectives of the project are: to improve Maternal and Child preventive health practices of parents and caregivers; to improve livelihoods of parents and caregivers{comma} and to improve child development practices of parents{comma} caregivers and their communities.

By using Reflect as the main Methodology{comma} the CHILD project activities will focus on building up the community knowledge and seeking for positive behavior changes among parent and caregivers for enhancing a supporting community environment for children under six. They also aim to decrease the maternal and child mortality rate with a preventative health focus. Specific livelihood development identified within Reflect Circles and communities for income generation.The following actions are chosen to complement the Reflect Circle Activities: Village Health Support Group capacity building{comma} Health Center and Child Friendly Village Committee implementing Antenatal and Postnatal Care{comma} Livelihood Development through the technical support to the interest groups{comma} Role model selection and Networking with NGOs and Government Offices for effective implementation.

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Main Implementing Agency Not Specified
Collaborating Ministries Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Women’s and Veterans’ Affairs, Health, Rural Development
Collaborating Organisations and Institutions Adventist Development and Relief Agency - Cambodia
Project Funding Status Not Specified
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Donors Not Specified
Project Start/End Dates 2009-09-30 2012-08-31
Provinces, Districts and Communes worked in
Province Districts Communes
Ministry of Health Provinces, Operational Districts and Health Centre Catchment Areas worked in
Province Districts Communes
Level of Intervention International Children’s Care Cambodia
Type of Support/Inputs Provided

Training on hygiene

Provide seeds and other inputs such as fish fingerlings and chicks

Training on vegetable production

Awareness on chemical pesticide

Literacy Class for women

Mother and Child health education

Ante and post natal care training

Organize and Strengthen the local structure such as MCMC and Child Friendly Village Committee(CFVC)

Organized livelihood interest groups such as saving group, home gardening, fish et.

Target Group(s) - Pregnant and lactating women - children < 6 years - general farmers
Number of Beneficiaries (approximate) 300 Children under six 300 Pregnant Women 450 Parents and Caregivers
Source Institution for this Project Data Mr. Long Keo/ Ann Marie Stickle
Project Contact Person Mr. Long Keo/ Ann Marie Stickle
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