Project Summary

Title of Project Rural Poverty Reduction project
Project ID in FSNIS Database 44
Project Number 2007 -2010-
Project Description

This is the second phase of NAS's Rural Livelihood Improvement Project (RLIP) which aims to achieve a sustainable improvement of rural livelihood of the poor and marginalized households in 20 villages of ten communes in Kampong Cham province. The key features of NAS approaches define the three core programs{comma} namely (1) improving skills of the poor and marginalized households to benefits from natural resource management and on farm and off farm production{comma} (2) capacity building of village associations and target group members in managing and mobilizing community resources for the benefits of the poor and marginalized households and (3) engaging supported VAs with CCs and other government line agencies for the benefits of the poor and marginalized households. In addition to these core programs{comma} NAS also focuses on promoting sustainable management of natural resources{comma} bottom-up participation approach in local planning process{comma} and gender related issues.

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Collaborating Ministries Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
Collaborating Organisations and Institutions Concern Worldwide
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However , this a project has been end , So we need supporting from other donor to continue.

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Project Start/End Dates 2006-12-31 2009-12-31
Provinces, Districts and Communes worked in
Province Districts Communes
Ministry of Health Provinces, Operational Districts and Health Centre Catchment Areas worked in
Province Districts Communes
Level of Intervention Kampong Cham Department of Agruculture Forestry and Fishery
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