Project Summary

Title of Project Integrate Prevention and Care Support
Project ID in FSNIS Database 53
Project Number PA-08-32
Project Description

Objective :

1.To strengthen capacity of local development actors for effective responding to development challenges.

2.To promote health status of women and children in local communities. 

3.To improve livelihood of women{comma} their families and community members. 

4.To foster effective mechanisms for sustainable environment and biodiversity conservation



1.1.Strengthen community level mechanisms of health service

1.2.Improve responsiveness of care support to People living with AIDS (PLHA).

1.3.Increase knowledge of community members to the diseases particularly and client right.



Strengthen community level mechanisms of health service

1.1.1Train Team Volunteers and Village Health Support Group on basis knowledge of health education

1.1.2 Train Service providers on Client right

1.1.3 Conduct exchange visits for sharing lesion learn and best practices

1.1.4 Quarterly meeting with Health Center Management Committee

1.1.5 Annual project review at organization level


Improve responsiveness of care and Prevention of HIV/ AIDS (PLHA).

2.1.1 Support referral (OI{comma} ART{comma} CD4{comma} STI{comma} TB{comma} VCCT) to access health services at Health Center

2.1.2 Home visits with PLHA{comma} OVC and their families to inform them and glorify them to access existing health services.

2.1.3 Welfare support for People Living with HIV/AIDS and Orphan Vulnerable Children (Food{comma} Material)

2.1.4 Conduct Self Help Group monthly meeting

2.1.5 Provide school uniform{comma} materials for Orphan Vulnerable Children

2.1.6 Conduct quarterly Happy Happy program.    

2.1.7 Increase and support small business for community member{comma} PLHA and OVC families


Increase knowledge of community members to the diseases particularly and client right.

3.1.1 Support commune council quarterly meeting for related heath activities identified as priorities in the Commune Development Plan.

3.1.2 Support Team Volunteers for HIV/ADIS prevention  

3.1.3 Support community forum and other activities to enable community members{comma} NGOs and other stakeholders can raise concerns and have input into CDP process

Related FSN Categories Not Specified
Main Implementing Agency Not Specified
Collaborating Ministries Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries; Health; Rural Development ; Women’s and Veterans’ Affairs
Collaborating Organisations and Institutions Kampuchea Women’s Welfare Action
Project Funding Status Not Specified
Funding Needs Description
Donors Not Specified
Project Start/End Dates 2010-01-30 2012-09-29
Provinces, Districts and Communes worked in
Province Districts Communes
Ministry of Health Provinces, Operational Districts and Health Centre Catchment Areas worked in
Province Districts Communes
Level of Intervention KHANA (Khmer HIV/AIDS Nework Alliance), PYD (Peace for Development), AJWS (American Jewish World Service)
Type of Support/Inputs Provided
Target Group(s) • People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) • Orphan Vulnerable Children (OVC) • Community People (Women and Men) • Community Working
Number of Beneficiaries (approximate) Around 2690 devise into 236 People Living with HIV/ADIS, 374 Orphan Vulnerable Children, 2017 Community people, 54 Community
Source Institution for this Project Data • Mr. Tith Taing Aun (Program Manager) • Mr. Khann Sopheap (HSS Project Coordinator )• Ms. Y Srei Ne
Project Contact Person • Mr. Tith Taing Aun (Program Manager) • Mr. Khann Sopheap (HSS Project Coordinator )• Ms. Y Srei Ne
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