Project Summary

Title of Project Development of Supply and Distribution System for vegetable in Svay Rieng
Project ID in FSNIS Database 58
Project Number
Project Description

Project Purpose

System of supply and distribution of vegetable in Svay Rieng is developed by organizing vegetable farmers.



1.         Vegetable Supply Association is established and operated mainly

by its members

2.         The system of regular vegetable shipment by the Association is

established and shipment is started

3.         Producers' skill on vegetable growing is developed.

4.         Agro-products shop in Svay Rieng Town is established as a

channel of the Association’s supply outlet.

5.         Marketing and products developments of processed-food are

strengthened for Associations

6.         Human resources to manage the Association are developed

Existing Village Women's Associations (VWA) Producer Groups and VWA Farmers Association (FA)’s capacity is strengthened.


Main Activities:

1.         Establish Svay Rieng Vegetable Supply Association

2.         Establish system of shipment of the Association

3.         Train the farmers to improve skill of vegetable growing.

4.         Support the Association to operate agro-products shop.

Support marketing and products development.

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Main Implementing Agency Not Specified
Collaborating Ministries Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
Collaborating Organisations and Institutions International Volunteers of Yamagata
Project Funding Status Not Specified
Funding Needs Description
Donors Not Specified
Project Start/End Dates 2009-12-31 2012-02-29
Provinces, Districts and Communes worked in
Province Districts Communes
Ministry of Health Provinces, Operational Districts and Health Centre Catchment Areas worked in
Province Districts Communes
Level of Intervention KADSAP, CFED, SNV, IDE, CFAP
Type of Support/Inputs Provided
  • Agriculture, marketing, small business (training)
  • Seed, book, pen (input)
Target Group(s) Vegetable producer group
Number of Beneficiaries (approximate) 500 people
Source Institution for this Project Data Bou Sitha
Project Contact Person Bou Sitha
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