Project Summary

Title of Project Improving Food Security for Women and the Rural Poor in Mondulkiri Province (IFWP-MP)
Project ID in FSNIS Database 61
Project Number FOOD/2009/
Project Description

The project goal is to contribute to poverty alleviation and invest in the livelihoods of vulnerable groups within the target area.


The project objective is to enable the subsistence farmers and vulnerable social groups - especially women to increase their economic and social conditions through increased food production and income as well as improved social cooperation.


Project activities: 

• Train and coach: 

- 120 key farmers/farmer promoters (FP): 40 FPs on system of rice

intensification (SRI); 20 FPs on multi-purpose farming (MPF); 20 FPs

on improving pig raising techniques; 40 FPs on ecological chicken

raising (ECR)

- 120 leaders for 30 village-based farmer associations 

- 120 saving group leaders and 120 farmer producer group leaders to

mobilize 30 farmer-led saving groups{comma} 30 women-led saving groups{comma}

20 rice farmer producer groups{comma} 20 chicken farmer producer groups{comma}

10 vegetable farmer producer groups{comma}15 rice banks{comma} and 5 agricultural

input producer groups (piglet{comma} rice seed and chick) 

• Set up two community-based learning and marketing centers (CBLMs)

• Organize dialogues and forums to build the capacity of 150 local

stakeholders at the communal land district levels 

• Establish one project coordination team consisting of 25 members

including representatives from the Department of Agriculture{comma} Forestry and Fisheries; village chiefs; commune council members; district authorities; NGO representatives and other relevant government institutions 

• Select 22 local experts for one community-based organization to provide development services to the villagers

Related FSN Categories Not Specified
Main Implementing Agency Not Specified
Collaborating Ministries Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
Collaborating Organisations and Institutions Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture
Project Funding Status Not Specified
Funding Needs Description
Donors Not Specified
Project Start/End Dates 2009-09-30 2011-11-30
Provinces, Districts and Communes worked in
Province Districts Communes
Ministry of Health Provinces, Operational Districts and Health Centre Catchment Areas worked in
Province Districts Communes
Level of Intervention Mondulkiri Provincial Department of Agriculture
Type of Support/Inputs Provided

Training and coaching to target groups,  training materials (Farmer magazines, booklets, leaflets. flipcharts, posters, T-shirts, carry bags, books, pens)

Target Group(s) Women-led families, farmer promoters, village-based farmer association leaders, farmer producer group members, saving group
Number of Beneficiaries (approximate) 2,700 farmer families, or around 13,500 individual farmers
Source Institution for this Project Data Mr. Sim Samoeun and Mr. Yim Sok Sophors
Project Contact Person Mr. Sim Samoeun and Mr. Yim Sok Sophors
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