CARD is a focal point responsible for assisting the Royal Government of Cambodia on coordination of agricultural and rural development in a close effective collaboration with concerned ministries, institutions, sub-national administration, development partners, civil societies and private sectors. Most of CARD’s duties are to determine priorities, key issues, and policy programs in agricultural and rural development in line with the policies of the Royal Government; act as a representative of the Royal Government in meetings with international and other development partners related with agricultural and rural development; manage, coordinate, monitor, evaluate and advise on the preparation of program implementation and policy of the Royal Government on agricultural and rural development; coordinate, monitor, follow up and evaluate all implementation of the projects related to Food Security and Nutrition sectors of the relevant ministries/ institutions, subnational administration, development partners, civil societies, and private sectors in order to promote work effectiveness; Mobilize and facilitate so that there is active engagement from the people, rural communities, private sectors, development partners, civil societies, relevant ministries/ institutions, sub-national administration in order to make it efficient and tightly linked in agricultural and rural development toward poverty reduction in Cambodia;

Most specifically, to address the challenges of food security and nutrition and foster the implementation of NSFSN 2019-2023 as well as reaching the CSDG 2 goals, CARD plays an active role in coordinating and overseeing multi-sectoral activities or joining actions and sector-led activities by relevant ministries as indicated in the Twin-Track approach of NSFSN 2019-2023.